Tina Clark

Tina Clark, Chef, Archaeologist and Historian, is passionate about historic preservation and good food. She has found a way to combine these interests in her historic kitchen, Tina's Cocina at St. Paul's Cultural Center. At the school Tina indulges her interest in history by offering classes in heritage cuisine where she invites local grandmothers (and grandfathers!) to teach their traditional dishes as well as share their memories of old Yuma.

Tina's Cocina is located in Old St. Paul's Parish House and Little Theater. Classes are offered in heritage cuisine where local grandmothers, chefs, and culinary experts from around the Southwest will offer classes on a variety of local and international dishes in addition to the recipes they love to cook and the foods they love to eat. Classes that feature Yuma's local agricultural products will be showcased from January through March supporting the Yuma Visitors Bureau Agritourism Program.

The goal of the Cocina is to provide simple, flexible and fun instruction to everyone, whether gourmet, or just someone who enjoys great conversations and sampling great tasting food.

The Cocina is available for private parties, couples classes, in-kitchen dinner parties, and other occasions.

All proceeds from classes will go toward the restoration of Old St. Paul's stained glass windows and other renovation projects.

To book your group for cooking classes from 8 to 18 people, or for formal dining practices of up to 50 please call Tina's cell: (928) 210-3328

Cooking is Fun!
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Farmer's Wife Cooking Classes

The purpose of the Farmer's Wife Cooking Classes is to celebrate local agriculture by focusing on Yuma's fresh produce, farming history and traditions, and historic recipes. Who would be better to share the farming experience but the local farmer's wives? This all comes together in large cooking classes in Old St. Paul's Historic Church and includes a full dinner with complimentary wine and a chance to meet some of the people who put salad and vegetables on our table every winter.

Each cooking class will take place in old St. Paul's Church and will have a farmer's wife teaching the class, with Tina Clark and/or Chef Eddie Guzman as an assistant. It will include a great meal sampling each dish prepared in class. Each menu will include a salad utilizing local fresh produce, seasonal Yuma grown vegetables, a meat dish or casserole and conclude with dessert. The class atmosphere is informal so there will be time to make new friends and share culinary history around the kitchen table. In addition, The Farmers Wife Cooking Classes will accomplish two important goals: to help develop a booming farm to table movement in Yuma and, at the same time, to help preserve a National Historic Landmark - Old St. Paul's Church buildings that house the project itself.

Cost of each Farmer's Wife Cooking Class: $45.00


Gourmet Cooking Classes with Chef Tina Clark

Tina Clark, Yuma's historian, is passionate about historic preservation and local food. In her kitchen, Tina's Cocina, she combines these interests and gives those who love to cook a place to learn about and to enjoy local food and local culinary delights. The kitchen, itself a piece of Yuma history and a preservation project, is a restored hacienda style kitchen complete with the original cast-iron stove, original dishes, colorful tile, and period ambiance. In addition to teaching popular international dishes, Tina's goal is to capture the warmth found in the Farm Kitchens of Yuma and provide classes featuring local crops and recipes from local farmer's Wives and the farmers who make Yuma's Agri-Experiences possible.

The gourmet cooking classes will take place in Tina's Cocina and will be limited to 15 participants. Chef Tina, and/or other guest chefs, will demonstrate various if not all aspects of a 5 course dinner chosen from 5 different culinary regions. Recipes will be provided and complimentary wine will be served.

All gourmet classes--private or scheduled--need a minimum of eight participants. If minimum requirements are not met we will need to reschedule the class at a later date.

Cost of each Gourmet Cooking Class: $50.00 - $75.00 (depending on ingredients)